When I saw you hungry in the poor, Lord, I fed you and gave you drink.

19th Annual Life Is Victorious Thanksgiving 2017- 1,200 Baskets Includes Ten Crisis Pregnancy Centers!!!

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Thanksgiving 2017 will be Daily Apostle's most abundant harvest. The Feeding of over 8,000 People! Proverbs Chapter 3 Verse 27 reads like a Mission Statement. "Refuse no one the good on which he has a claim when it is in your power to do it for him." “Here I am Jesus; I come to do Your Will. Only in Heaven will we see how much we owe to the poor for helping us to love God better because of them. St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta But another famous statement by Elisha, who was mentored by the Prophet Elijah, when he asked him what he wanted, Elisha said, “A double portion” which he received of Elijah’s spirit when he rode into Heaven in a fiery chariot. This Thanksgiving 2017, we want to give a double portion to all the families who receive our Turkeys.

Though we have pressed toward that mark of fulfilling that double portion; in two years time we have doubled what we began, going from 567 to 1,130 Baskets now serving Twelve MI Counties. Let us strive for this double portion for everyone we bless in our Annual Food Drive. Let the hopes of all those who receive our Baskets soar at the promise of a complete gourmet meal.   

"M-E-R-C-Y Mighty Eternal Redeeming Compassionate Yahweh" -Fr. George Kosicki, CSB Jesus is Divine Mercy in Person. He works in and through us to draw the downtrodden close, to know and love Him, and experience His Truth and goodness with joy.

 During the past eighteen years Daily Apostle has supplied thousands of Turkey Baskets & Spiritual Nourishment: to families served by CCSEM; Baldwin Clothing Closet; St. Damien of Molokai; STVCC Refugee Services; Pregnancy Services, CRCC, Guadalupe Workers, Shared Pregnancy, Image of God, Project Hope, Birth Choice, MAUBC. Our Goal is 805 Baskets to heroic mothers and grandmothers, who chose life in albeit difficult circumstances, and continuously say 'YES' to God, laying down their lives for their family!

"What we do, we do for Jesus Christ, for the honor and the glory of God." Click here to watch video of Daily Apostle touching lives.,

Daily Apostle has been the safety valve for hundreds of desperate families that cannot get on organization Lists. Building the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven is a year-round Labor of Love. Your annual generous donation, new donors, more volunteers, esp. great bakers are crucial for us to succeed in reaching our goal of 1,200 complete Baskets to needy families. Stand with us in glory as we attempt to reach it. Whatever you give is appreciated. Please have your local group take up a collection or school/business place a non-perishable food basket for students/clients to donate Mid Sept- Oct. Invite friends, family and fellow parishioners to assemble Baskets.

"You are doing this to God the Father, Himself. This is the greatest thing you can do. Your names will be written in the Book of

Life, for what you are doing here today.” –Fr. Steve Mattson 425 Baskets were then delivered into Lansing. Your continued support provides hope, sustenance to our impoverished brothers/sisters in Christ. Tax Receipts are available upon request. Your $55 donation adopts a family of six. They receive a 14-16lb turkey, potatoes, gravy, vegetables, stuffing, dessert, bread & beverage. Your $110 donation adopts two families. A $500 donation adopts six large families; 20-25lb turkeys, extra fixings, groceries for the week. $600-$2,500 donations provide turkeys, apple cider, fruit, cranberry sauce, boxed potatoes, bread pudding, cake mixes, snacks for the kids.

Special thanks to: Amy Kassab, Meijer, Walmart, Heartland, D&B Grocers, Jonna’s 2 Go, Roma Bakery, KofC, 40 Days for Life, Home Schoolers, our long-time dedicated donors, volunteers. Please make check payable to: Daily Apostle P.O. Box 135 Williamston, MI 48895

THANKSGIVING FOODSTUFF LIST 300 10Lb Potatoes 2500 Cans Corn 1000 Green Beans 1750 Turkey Gravy 400 Dozen Dinner Rolls 700 Cans Cranberry Sauce 1550 Stuffing 150 Cases Water 400 Half Gallons Apple Cider trinity@dailyapostle.org

Thanksgiving Week. We will meet on Monday November 20 at Orchard Lake St. Mary Corner Dining Hall 9am-4:30pm to pack, distribute Metro Detroit Turkey Baskets. Join us Tuesday Nov. 21 from 1pm-4:30pm at Church of the Resurrection Social Hall 127 Rumsey Ave. for Lansing’s prep work. We will meet at Res Social Hall on Wed. Nov. 22 following the 8:15am Mass-12:00pm to assemble, load vehicles, & deliver Greater Lansing Turkey Baskets. Middle school, High school and college students are welcome, and can satisfy their Community Service requisite.

May all have a bountiful Thanksgiving!  

Brent Heyer 517-894-4334 http://www.dailyapostle.org click on Thanksgiving 2017

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